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What an eventful week!

On Monday, I turned 23 and started my first student teaching placement. My birthday was weird without Maria around - but we got to chat for a little while. She is in the field until the 24th so we are skyping when she gets back :-) My teacher and students are so wonderful already. I’ve done a lot of observing, co-planning, and started a little co-teaching. Today we had a SNOW DAY! woop! And there is no school on Monday for MLK Jr. day. SO - on Tuesday I will start teaching some lessons during our language arts block :)

Happy Friday! Happy long weekend! 

Just received an e-mail from my 4th grade cooperating teacher that I will be spending the next eight weeks with starting on Monday. I am so excited - and she is already so welcoming. This is going to be a great placement, I just know it! 

Christmas music turned up. Cleaning the apartment. Buying my lasssttt Christmas present for my mom. Then, HOME FOR CHRISTMAS :-)

Starting my time at home right with our 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party ;)

I’m a happy girl!

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