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Student teaching has officially taken over my life. But, I’m okay with that. It has been going really well and I’ve been learning a lot. Only 2 weeks left with my sweet fourth graders and then I’ll go on to my last eight weeks with a second grade class. bittersweet!

Yesterday I left school early because I was feeling super sick. How kind of my students to share their germs. Didn’t get out of bed at ALL from 10:30 yesterday morning until about 8:00 this morning. I  was running a fever, kept feeling waves of nausea, and had no appetite. However, I am feeling much better today. I’ll be back in the classroom tomorrow - just in time for an observation by my university supervisor. wonderful :-P

Tomorrow I have my midterm/formal observation with my university supervisor. first of all, I’m kind of nervous! Second of all, midterm???? I don’t want March to get here - I am loving every day with these kiddos.

Tuesday night ramblings

I taught my fourth graders all morning and it went great! I had so much fun, got to use the Promethean Board, and I think they actually learned something ;) My cooperating teacher had nothing but good things to say. I’m proud of myself. I know I’ve still got a lot of learning and growing to do, but I feel like I am off to a wonderful start.

Today rocked because the sun was FINALLY shining! ..we had some extra recess this afternoon (the first time the kids have been outside in the past two weeks! they needed it) ANNND I got home from school and went for a nice long run in the sunshine. Just what I was in need of.

While running I was just thinking about where I am in life. I am just so happy. I love what I am doing and everything I learn about myself each day.  

Life is good!

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